PowerChalk Pro Page (giving paid lessons)

To give paid lessons on PowerChalk you must register your account for inclusion in the PowerChalk Pro Pages.  Pro Pages require that you have an active Gold account (click here to upgrade) and thus access to the full 8 minute recording time and the split-screen telestrator.  Registrations also require that you’ve successfully posted a previous ChalkTalk analysis.

pro_page_1Members who qualify can set up their Pro Page using the ‘settings’ menu found under their profile picture in the upper menu bar.

The ‘Pro Settings’ tab within the page holds the form you must complete to be among the list of paid coaches.  Before your listing appears, you must fill out all of the following required fields:

Page URL: ChazHenry in the example below.  This becomes the page name for your listing.  The full listing is www.powerchalk.com/YourPage.  No spaces or illegal webpage names are allowed.

 Your Title: whether within your organization or in general, this helps perspective players find the right coach.

About Me: this block of text is actually found on the Basic Settings tab.  Give perspective players and parents a bio that reveals your credentials and demonstrates your knowledge.

Profile Photo: use the built in photo upload, size and crop tool to upload a photo.  It can be a company logo but Pro Pages require a mugshot.

Sample Lesson: the best way to convey your knowledge and philosophy is to show a sample lesson.   The select lesson button on the Pro Settings page lets you link a previously recorded lesson from MyVideos.  If you don’t have a ChalkTalk, create one.  It doesn’t have to be a youth player – grab a pro player from Public Videos and telestrate their clip – highlight the mechanics that make them a professional.  Take exception to their form (if you do) and tell how they could improve.   Use the markup tools to ‘show’ as much as ‘tell’.

Lesson Availability: use this ON/OFF slider to indicate you are available to be hired.  Going on a two week cruise with no Internet?  Turn your availability OFF and you can’t be selected until you return.

PayPal Email: PowerChalk will pay you via PayPal after a lesson is purchased and you hit the Deliver button in the lesson system.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use your current email and PowerChalk will pay to that account.  PayPal will make any accumulated funds available when you open an account and demonstrate that you own the email in question.

  • Fees: PowerChalk deducts $3.50 + 6.9% of the collected lesson fee and deposits the remainder into your account.  Don’t forget that PowerChalk processes all of the files and stores them forever.
  • Warning! It’s best to establish your PayPal account first and triple check this entry.  If not we’ll put your money into a black hole.

Lesson Fee: set your own price and adjust your effort accordingly.  We’ve seen golf pros give $10 lessons, limit their analysis to five minutes and attract hundreds of new clients.  We’ve also seen coaches charge $100 and give each lesson a half hour of critique.

Remember that in your final lesson delivery you can link to unlisted videos in your locker.  Many coaches create drills and how-to videos and link the most fitting videos to each lesson in addition to their specific video analysis.  These supplementary videos cost nothing to add once recorded and give your student valuable additional instruction or insights.

Turnaround Time: tell your students how long to expect before they receive their ChalkTalk analysis.  Faster is better.

Sports You Offer: from the list of available sports, select one or more sports and move it them into the Sports You Offer list.  If someone searches for a pro via sport, only the coaches offer that sport will be shown.

The other fields are optional but to maximize your exposure it’s best to list your social media links and contact info.  We hope you help you establish long term coaching relationships and the more info your provide the more confidence it builds.