Analyzing and Sharing Videos

When you ChalkTalk (analyze) motions or plays, you’re not limited to your own videos. That’s why it’s best to have all of your fellow coaches and players use FREE SIGN UP and get their own PowerChalk lockers.  They’ll have their own video cloud storage but you can still collaborate with each other’s videos.  Here are some tips.follows3

To make things easy, find your fellow coaches and players in People, go to their page and Follow them.  Have them do the same. That will put you on their Followers list (and them on yours) when you pop up the Share screen.

As for doing analysis on other’s videos, you can ChalkTalk any video that you can see.  Just click the three stripe menu on a video thumbnail and use the ChalkTalk (analyze) option.  The analysis video created will belong to you even though the original video did not.  Remember, if the video selected is already an ChalkTalk (a recorded analysis session), it will not have ChalkTalk (analyze) option on the menu.  Only raw original videos can be analyzed.


If your colleague’s videos were uploaded as Public, you’ll able to look in their video locker and instantly ChalkTalk the video there.  Again, use your Followers list for quick access to their locker.

If they uploaded their video as Unlisted or Private they’ll need to take the extra step of choosing the video (in their My Videos tab) and Sharing it to you.  In that case, it’s still invisible to others, but you’ll find it in your Shared folder.

The same visibility rules applies to the videos you create.  If you make your ChalkTalk Public, they can see it in your locker and play the recording, but if you make it Unlisted or Private, you’ll need to Share it to them.  If a ChalkTalk is meant for someone else, Sharing is a good idea even when it’s Public as that makes it show up in their Shared folder.


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