Flash Issues

The PC and Mac versions of the ChalkTalk Telestrator are delivered through the webpage as a Flash application. Depending on your browser there is little or nothing to do on your side as many browsers (e.g. Chrome/IE/Edge) now maintain the Flash plugin automatically. For others, you might have to update the Flash plugin.

Chrome users may find that the Flash plugin is running twice: once for the included version and one that user installed manually. In that case, you need to disable one of the versions.

For all other Flash related issues you should first try turning off hardware acceleration; it’s incompatible with many machines. If you constantly have to tell The ChalkTalk Telestrator to allow use of the mic, then set the ‘allow’ and ‘remember’ options within the Flash plugin. Finally, if you are getting no sound when you record a ChalkTalk, make sure you have the correct mic configured with Flash. Sometimes you have more mics than you realize – especially with laptops.

All of the above, of course, assume that Flash is up and running. If so, you can do all of the above with the Flash setup dialog. Access it inside ChalkTalk by hitting the wrench or mic icon in the lower right corner. Hope this helps.


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