Flash for Chrome

Chrome’s new Flash policy requires that you update Chrome, update Flash and enable Flash for the sites you trust. If you’re having trouble, or if Chrome is making you constantly re-install Flash, here is a Google guide to the steps required to fix it:  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6258784?hl=en

If Chrome and Flash are up to date, here’s the quickest way to permanently enable Flash for the Powerchalk.com site. 1. On any Powerchalk page, click the i info icon (or the lock icon) next to the site URL. 2. Locate the Flash setting. 3. Change to ‘Always allow on this site’. Click the icon again to close. 4. Reload the page. You can click the step 1 icon again to make sure the setting was applied.

Note that your Site Permissions icon might instead show the Secure icon. In that case select ‘Site settings’ and Allow the Flash player and the Microphone. As you upgrade Google Chrome, you may have to repeat this process as Google constantly resets these allowances.


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