ChalkTalk Recording Level


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To change the voice recording level for your ChalkTalk analysis sessions, right mouse the ChalkTalk Telestrator screen and choose “Settings…”. This will bring up the Flash control panel. Choose the microphone icon along the bottom tabs of the panel. Use the Microphone pull down menu to pick the right microphone (if you have more than one recording device) and then drag the slider to set the recording level. If you microphone is recognized you can speak into it while you are adjusting it and see that the green level bar jumps to the an appropriate height. Ideally, you want the bar to jump to the top of the green or yellow level. If it maximizes into the red area, consider lowering the level.

If you’re on Windows, keep in mind that the PowerChalk app, like any windows app is also subject to your settings in the Windows Control Panel. Make sure that your microphone levels are turned off or down at the system level. The Control Panel settings vary with the Windows version but you’ll likely find the settings you need under the Sound control.